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Stress Management & Anxiety Relief
Typically stress is used as a catchall phrase to describe the anxiety we feel when confronted with various situations and circumstances. These situations are often referred to as stressors and our reaction to these is termed stress. The interesting thing is that, on a scale of 0 – (no anxiousness) to 10 – (the worst anxiousness we can imagine), our feeling of stress or anxiety varies from time to time when we find ourselves in the exact same situation. It can show up during both negative and positive situations, in physical and psychological situations. All of this makes the concept of stress difficult to define.

Some of the things we do know are that regardless of whether the cause is biochemical or psychological in nature the effects are the same. The costs of unchecked stress are devastating. More than 60% of employers report human resource problems stemming from stress – problems like time off from work, breakdowns in communication, and reduced productivity. As well, the number of short-term disability claims due to stress increased tenfold in the last decade. In total the cost of stress to the North American economy is between 150 and 300 billion dollars each year.

More importantly though, behind the statistics, are the people suffering from the effects of unchecked stress. They suffer from failed relationships, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, have serious ailments and become depressed. As well they may experience migraines, insomnia, stomach upset, and high blood pressure. Stress can even impair the functioning of the immune system, leaving people unable to fight off colds, infections and some cancers. More than 60% of all illness is stress related in some manner.

The problem is not the acute issues of stress (i.e a death or serious set back). Although traumatic and difficult they are generally resolved in a short time frame. It is the ongoing chronic stresses, the little things in life that are the real killer here. Stress in and of itself is not the problem; we actually need a little stress to feel alive and to be motivated. You might think of stress on a continuum with either too little or too much stress being bad.

On a positive note, what we call stress, is actually created by our beliefs about what is happening around us. Since we created it, we have the ability to uncreate it. It is our beliefs that are driving the bus here, so by changing our beliefs we can go in a different direction. When we change our beliefs we change our lives.

Hypnosis has proved to be extremely effective in dealing with anxiety, fears, phobias and stress. In addition to using hypnosis we teach other methods of dealing with these issues using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Psych-K, Mindfulness, and other processes that allow you to take control of your life. Our goal is give you the tools you will need to deal with your issues for the rest of your life. You can have the life you were meant to live, and we can assist you in this process.