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There are many problems facing businesses today – the economy, competition, globalization, consumers access to products anywhere in the world through the Internet. Many of these are new versions of what has been around for decades. As we deal with all of this we are constantly searching for new ways of adapting.

Successful businesses have always found ways of adapting to the changing ways of doing business, and will continue to do so in the future.

We believe there is are new challenges facing businesses today that have not been addressed in the past but are becoming almost epidemic now. This is in the area of the health and well being of their staff, in particular senior management.

Organizations are starting to realize the high dollar cost of a lack of well being in their organizations at all levels. Until we can identify the costs and a way of measuring these costs it is hard to justify the changes needed.

Many of the reasons our individual clients come to us for help, are causing substantial costs to organizations. We work with organizations to deal with issues in a timely basis and in a way not achieved via more traditional methods.

The costs to organizations today come in three areas:

    1. Lost productivity due to compromised time efficiency and lost time due to illness.
    2. The rising costs of health insurance
    3. Losing valuable human capital due to serious illness

Some of the areas we can assist in:

Smoking Cessation – Smoking employees cost the company $ 3,391 more per year than non-smokers:

    $1,760 in lost production
    $1,623 in extra medical expenses

Center for Disease Control (these figures are more than 10 years old).

“Paying for tobacco use cessation treatments is the single most cost-effective health insurance benefit that can be provided to employees”
– US Surgeon General

    • It is hard to look at a newspaper or listen to a news report without hearing something about the health problems associated with sleep disorders and stress. We have programs that can deal effectively with both of these issues

    • We work with confidence and self-esteem issues with employees who are not living up to their potential

    • We will conduct lunch and learn sessions with employees to educate them to dealing with specific related issues

As you view our web site there are many individual issues discussed that can be adapted to a corporate program. Our basic approach for corporations is the same as for individual clients “Change your beliefs – Change your life”

This is a stretch for some organizations and so is not a fit for many. What about your organization? Are you willing to do something different in order to get the outcomes you want?

If so call me at 604-351-6511 for a free confidential consultation.